Automotive Industry

Manufacturing Velocity - Get Vehicles to Market Faster and more Profitably

Automotive manufacturers today produce multiple vehicles, in multiple variations, at one location. Delivering this flexible manufacturing capability while reducing downtime and maximising output is a critical challenge.

At BPX we support your manufacturing velocity strategies aimed at incorporating infrastructure, improving information visibility and workforce enablement allowing you to respond to customer demand around the world more quickly and get to market faster without hurting the bottom line.

Talking Points

  • Increasing your speed to market
  • Increasing your access to real-time production information
  • Preparing your workforce to maximise productivity

Bring Vehicles To
Market Faster

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Operations Visability

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Maximise Workforce

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Prepare you Workforce to Maximise Productivity – To remain competitive you require a highly skilled and multi-talented workforce. Comprehensive training is critical for the increasingly complex shop-floor machines and devices that are connected to them. At BPX, we focus on creating solutions that provide foundational, intermediate and advanced level skills to your newest employees and most skilled engineers.

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