Food and Beverage Industry

Demand for volume, quality with reduced waste

A constantly increasing demand for product supply as the population rises, the F&B market is as competitive as ever, requiring the ability to adjust as market expectations develop. Able to produce as efficiently as possible whilst complying with the highest quality standards making this environment one of the most challenging. The initial base products differ hugely from solid to liquid so care is required throughout the manufacturing process through to distribution. Ingredients requiring different temperature control, trace-ability, mix, and measure demands delicate accuracy achieved with very precise instrumentation.

BPX provides an extensive portfolio of renowned industry products, we can service individual customer part requirements to large critical stock agreements on and off site. On-going project support as well as fully integrated solutions offer the adaptability and efficiency required.

Talking Points

  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Adaptable process environments
  • Compliance with industry standards

Key Solutions

Visibility of the process is essential to guarantee maximum output with minimum waste,F&B is about profitability in a controlled environment with sustainable repetitive production. BPX can work with your engineering team to ascertain products and systems to integrate with existing or new production lines.

Product Ranges