Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

Increasing productivity, quality and efficiency for pharmaceutical supplies

During the pharma manufacturing process a variety of different machines are used to mix a wide range of ingredients producing medical drugs suitable for consumption and administration. This closely legislated industry requires approved products allowing safe, timely production. Energy management, downtime and hygienic technologies are considered high priorities within the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Increasing accurate safe productivity, reducing costs but ensuring consistent product quality is essential.

At BPX we acknowledge these challenges supporting products for metering and energy management, pneumatic products for the clean environment whilst working with our customers to produce critical parts list for stock holding reducing downtime to a minimum.

Talking Points

  • Brexit, increasing efficiencies within production.
  • Capturing and storing real time production information (industry 4.0).
  • Robotic intervention and safety.

Increase In Productivity

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Pick and place, wrap and pack, rejection and acceptance. Increasing productivity, reducing running costs. Training existing workforce to adapt to new technologies, at BPX we can offer bespoke training from basic, intermediate and advanced levels to suit your newest and your most skilled engineers alike.

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