Water Industry

Providing Clean Solution For The Future

BPX recognises the importance for the use of Instrumentation, Process Automation & Control within the water industry's infrastructure following many years of supply chain existence. This move towards a more Industrial Production Process model has been driven by the water industry's commitment to carbon reduction to meet tighter emissions standards along with the impact of population increase and climate change. All of the above means that predictive maintenance of pump control, waste management and other related industry systems has never been more important.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, BPX recognises that the swift response to sudden breakdowns and failures is committed to providing support in the shape of the timely supply of critical components. This enables you to control costs, which can be impacted by the potential interruption of vital services.

Talking Points

  • System capacity expansion with increased equipment reliability.
  • Control and distribution systems that are ageing which require upgrades.
  • Tight water quality standards and rising labour and operating costs.

Predictive Maintenance

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The supply of inverter technology products to control speed efficiency in the pumping of clean water or waste, vital performance is required dependent on liquid saturation.

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