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Betaduct Product Ranges


Why buy Betaduct products from BPX?

Betaduct's expanding range are designed to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM), installers, panel builders and system integrators.

Their superior quality reflects products compliance with all major national and international standards, Hence Betaduct are the only UK manufacturer of PVC and LHF control panel ducting.

BPX provides high levels of support for Betaduct, our excellent technical support teams are more than happy to guide you in the right direction, and with our high levels of stock customers can collect same day from our branches or we can deliver the very next day.


Why Use Betaduct?

  • Quality Guaranteed - Highest quality materials used.
  • Manufactured in UK - Using highly qualified and trained technicians.
  • cULus Approved - Certified products and standards maintained.
  • Widest Product Range - Betaduct offer the most extensive range.
  • Readily Available - Through BPX and other global distributors.
  • Industry Recognised - Suitable for various applications across industries.

Betaduct Product Categories

Betaduct have segmented their product range into several categories, including:

  • Betaduct PVC
  • Betaduct Halogen-Free
  • Betaduct PVC Metric
  • Betaduct Noryl

Betaduct products are available worldwide, including: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Sweden, Italy and Poland. In addition, Betaduct are constantly breaking into markets throughout Europe and the Middle East.


Accessories and Preparation Tools

Betaduct offer a wide selection of accessories and preparation tools which help facilitate the process of easy installation.

Their range of accessories include: Lids, Dividers, Rivets, Side Cutters and Washers.

Their range of preparation tools include: Notching Tools and Trunking Cutters which range in size and application.

Popular Industries for Betaduct