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Why buy Bürkert products from BPX?

The Bürkert Process Organization, creates a culture which allows them to innovate, communicate and provide the basis for flexible and open-minded Bürkert employees who are easy to work with.

Like Bürkert, at BPX we understand the commercial pressures on today’s businesses. To meet the expectations of the market, we have adopted a customer-centric approach to fulfill their needs in the shortest amount time.

BPX provides high levels of support for Bürkert, our excellent technical support teams are more than happy to guide you in the right direction, and with our high levels of stock customers can collect same day from our branches or we can deliver the very next day.


From Pioneer to Market Leader

Bürkert was founded in Germany in 1946 by Christian Bürkert, who began by developing and manufacturing innovative products such as foot warmers, oven controls and thermal control systems for incubators. While these products met the needs of the time, over the years the company increasingly focused on valve technology and soon became an international benchmark for industrial solenoid valves.

With his combination of vision, innovation and enormous energy, Christian Bürkert succeeded in building an enterprise that is today a global leader in fluid control systems.


System solutions

This fascination for their business also motivates Bürkert to continue venturing beyond the confines of specific market sectors and to seek exceptional solutions to unconventional problems. The segmentation of markets is one example of the specific courage at Burkert to diverge from standards.

This allows Bürkert to deliver maximum customer benefit, especially when it comes to application-oriented system solutions, without losing sight of their product-based solutions.


Your fluidic challenge

The lowest common denominator in industry is the handling of fluids - measuring, dosing, mixing, filtration, controlling, setting and regulating are required everywhere. At Burkert, they start by analysing your fluid challenge and then apply basic physical principals to overcome it.

Thanks to their expertise in fluid technology and their related service portfolio, Bürkert always offer their customers the optimum solution - across all industry boundaries.

What’s more by working in partnership with you, Bürkert are able to develop customised solutions that precisely meet your expectations.

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