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Cembre Product Ranges


Why choose Cembre products?

With almost five decades of experience, Cembre have been able to develop extensive know-how in the field of electrical connectors, strong R&D activity and continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product specification.

This has allowed Cembre to respond quickly to an increasingly demanding market expectation for high-quality products that are reliable, durable and safe.

The company has extended its reach over the years by providing certified solutions that range the preparation of the electrical cable to the installation of connectors via compression.


Production control

The control phases accompany all the stages of production and often use advanced technology for measurement and detection.

Advanced measurement and detection technologies are used at all the stages of production. Their client’s demand that Cembre ensures both the conformity of products and designs,regulations,specifications,etc.

Cembre achieve this through an integrated design process; the careful and meticulous management of production processes; effective control programs, highly specialised, trained and motivated personnel; state-of-the-art machines, devices, work and control equipment; cooperation with selected suppliers with whom long-lasting and successful collaborations are formed.


Unique products

Cembre products are created by professionals for professionals in a continual exchange of ideas and abilities. At Cembre, the design process combines experience and passion in order to create highly performing, reliable, safe and top quality products specially designed to be produced in an environmentally safe manner.

An Intense analysis and development work has led to the creation of a new range of electrical connectors suitable for connecting and termination of newly developed connectors in Aluminium-Magnesium, different from the copper ones used till now.


Environmentally sustainable

Having achieved the Environmental Management System certification according to ISO 14001:2015, all products can be manufactured to the same high level of environmental standards.

With sustainable development in mind, Cembre are now able to:

  • Create opportunities to protect the environment by preventing or reducing environmental impact.
  • Improve their environmental performance.
  • Design and manufacture products using material and processes that respect the environment by ensuring the life expectancy of the products from manufacturing until disposal.

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