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Critchley Product Ranges


Why buy Critchley Products from BPX?

Our comprehensive range of Critchley's identification products provides you with solutions to all your marking requirements, ranging from pre-termination markers to laser engraving service.

BPX provides high levels of support for Critchley, and across a wide range of complementary products from other leading suppliers to ensure our customers have access to a full range of equipment from our stock.

We offer competitive prices, excellent technical support, face-to-face contact, and high levels of locally available stock that customers can access for same-day collection from our branches, or we can deliver the very next day.


Product Innovations

Critchley are always looking for innovative ideas to which will enhance their products further, some of their latest product innovations include:

  • A cable marker only 3mm long to save space where long legends are needed.
  • Stainless Steel labels pre-marked to customer requirements are available for order.
  • A cable marker which grips 90% of the cable circumference to provide a really snap on cable marker for pre-termination and post-termination applications.
  • Wrap around marker onto which you can write.

Comprehensive Range with Bespoke Solutions

Critchley's comprehensive range of products can be found at BPX, these include:

  • Pre-termination / Post-termination markers
  • SWA and other core marking
  • Hand-held computerised marking
  • Pre-print
  • Laser-engraving service

Critchley also offer bespoke solutions, therefore whatever your needs Critchley are able to offer customer specific solutions to meet your requirements.

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