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IMO Product Ranges


Why buy IMO products from BPX?

IMO’s quality assured manufacturing sites ensure IMO products continue to be recognised for quality and reliability. Their diverse range of products ensure that you will find a suitable product to match your application.

Backed by unique warranty periods of up to five years and in compliance with all relevant international standards and approvals, customers specifying IMO products can do so with the knowledge and security that they are making a no compromise selection.

BPX provides high levels of support for IMO, our excellent technical support teams are more than happy to guide you in the right direction, and with our high levels of stock customers can collect same day from our branches or we can deliver the very next day.


Over 50 Years of Excellence

IMO has been manufacturing and supplying control components for over 50 years, often leading the way in the introduction of innovative solutions to meet market needs. From the introduction of the first ever British Telecoms approved relay to the launch of the first compact AC variable speed drive, IMO have consistently broken barriers.

Half a century on from that first North London factory manufacturing plug-in power relays, the ethical values that have earned the trust and confidence of thousands of customers along the way remain as strong as ever and are engrained in their corporate culture.


Manufacturing Excellence

Quality and reliability will always be the foundations on which IMO’s business is based and the reason they have the trust of their customers. In the search of continued competitiveness, quality can often be the first compromise unless rigid manufacturing standards and processes remain in place whatever the external pressures.

IMO products are designed and manufactured in-house or in partnership with centers of R&D and manufacturing excellence around the world. The rigorous standards of development, reliability testing and production quality control always remain the same and are never open to compromise. IMO means quality.


Global Presence

The IMO brand is increasingly recognised around the world for quality, reliability and cost efficiency. From their traditional UK base, IMO now derive 50% of their revenue from overseas sales and they continue to invest in their growth in both home and international markets in order to best meet the expectations of their customers.

Their expanding international sales network is backed by inventory locations in 5 continents around the world so IMO support is never far away. Their distribution partners in nearly 30 countries across the globe extend their reach even further and are on-hand to ensure that their customers receive IMO style personal care and attention wherever they may reside.

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