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Lapp Product Ranges


Why buy Lapp products from BPX?

Lapp serve their customers to become more successful in their markets - with high-quality, brand-name products, customers-specific solutions and with a high service level. That's Lapp's basis for long-term partnership.

Everything Lapp do is firmly anchored in constant innovation in order to secure their future. Also Orientation toward success, supported by independent action, is important to Lapp for securing their growth.

BPX provides high levels of support for Lapp, competitive prices, excellent technical support, face-to-face contact and high levels of locally available stock that customers can access for same-day collection from our branches, or we can deliver the very next day.


Why Specify Lapp?

Lapp cables use a finely stranded conductor made from pure electrolytic copper wire strands in accordance with common European Standards; both British Standard BS6360 and German VDE 0295 Class 5.

The synthetic material used for the sheath of Lapp cables protects many cases against blistering, cracking or brittleness caused by exposure to the effects of oils or other chemicals.

Both the insulation and sheath material of Lapp cables are flame retardant, material will burn in contact with a flame but once the source is removed the material is self extinguishing - it will not support combustion.


Reliably Connecting you with your Industry

The strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements which exist in the food processing industry also apply to electrical components. Lapp offers the right solution in ensuring that these components meet the high standards of the industry.

Lapp has a comprehensive range of standard and specialised products which meet the requirements of the food and packaging industries as well as the Automotive, HVAC and Power Generation industries.


Cables According To Requirements

Lapp deliver cables wherever they are needed in the world, regardless of how complex or particular the requirements might be.

Lapp makes cable from a huge range of materials (PVC, PUR, TPE, FEP, PTFE etc), allowing Lapp to deliver and produce products for you in a wide range of cross sections and cabling techniques.

Lapp product and testing methods are strictly related to national and international directives.

Popular Industries for Lapp

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