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World Leading Modular Controllers

The modular PLCs of Mitsubishi Electric will work all over the world. With the large number of marine approvals, compliance with international standards and the stringent requirements of the industry, make the modular PLC a product you can fully trust in.

The modular PLCs are totally scalable as they are e designed to grow with your application, from simple standalone solutions to complex network architectures. The concept allows additions and adjustments to your needs at any time.

Multiple connectivity is also possible as the modular PLCs can communicate easily with Mitsubishi or third party products. This provides great flexibility as the wide range of power supplies, CPU’s, I/O modules, special function and communication modules make the modular PLCs of Mitsubishi Electric to the most flexible modular automation systems in the world.


Sophisticated Yet Simple

This sophisticated concept of the modular PLCs from Mitsubishi Electric allows users to mix and select the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, special function modules and I/O modules. This allows users to configure systems into what they need, when they need it, where they need it.

The comprehensive controller lineup available enables customer requirements ranging from small-scale and stand-alone to medium and large scale systems to be fulfilled.


Proven Technology

Experience and expertise have made Mitsubishi Electric one of the world’s largest manufacturers of programmable logic controllers. PLC systems from Mitsubishi Electric are forerunners in new technologies and are distinguished by exceptional reliability and performance. Therefore you can expect:

  • A safe investment thanks to sophisticated and reliable technology meaning Mitsubishi Electric modular PLC systems meet tomorrow’s market requirements today.
  • The controllers comply with all international quality standards, confirmed by certificates and approvals.
  • Extensive system compatibility, Global availability and worldwide support and service.