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Why buy Pro-face Products?

Providing a variety of control equipment and a wide range of communications drivers as well as connection methods with PCs, peripheral equipment and I/O equipment.

Since their original release in 1989, SEJH's programmable displays have continued to support software upgrades and original panel cutout dimensions, to ensure that digital graphic assets can be re-used and that displays can be easily replaced.

SEJH (Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd) works proactively to ensure that product conform to international standards and regulations so that can be used safely when exported overseas. SEJH also strives to ensure that paperwork required for customs and safety inspections, such as certificates for international standards and RoHS directive compliance, is readily available.


Quality Policy - Guiding Principles

Customer Centricity : Customer Experience culture is in all employees DNA. They deploy customers persona everywhere, they master customer journeys, they follow customer centric rituals, they decide and prioritize always from customer viewpoint.

Offer Quality : Pro-face innovate and provide a non-negotiable premium quality along the life cycle through offer creation, manufacturing, delivery, operations and services, Pro-face focus on a digital, tailored and predictive end-to-end experience, to fulfill customer needs.


Environmental Efforts

Pro-face want to leave the natural environment in a healthy state for the next generation. To ensure they do, they promote the following in their operations:

  • Efforts to ensure RoHS directive compliance and other safety international standards
  • Efforts to achieve CO2 reductions
  • Promotion of conservations of resources and energy
  • Reducing waste and recycling resources
  • Acquisition of ISO 14001 for environmental management systems
  • Acquisition of ISO 9001 for quality management systems
  • Efforts towards green procurement

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