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Why buy PULS Products from BPX?

As a reliable partner and manufacturer of switched mode power supplies at the forefront of technology, PULS GmbH supports its demanding customers in the world's industry by supplying the highest quality. The company's innovative ideas in electronic development, together with the highly functional mechanical design, put PULS into a leading technological position.

BPX provides high levels of support for PULS, and across a wide range of complementary products from other leading suppliers to ensure our customers have access to a full range of equipment from our stock.

We offer competitive prices, excellent technical support, face-to-face contact, and high levels of locally available stock that customers can access for same-day collection from our branches, or we can deliver the very next day.


From a Start-up to a Successful Global Player

For over 35 years PULS has lived for electrical engineering. The development and production of DIN rail power supplies are what PULS do best. PULS constantly learn from the challenges of the past and celebrate the technological advances of tomorrow.

The quality of their power supplies is a primary priority for PULS. Their purchasing and development departments ensure the use of only the highest-quality components for the design process. In MTBF and service life PULS regularly set the benchmarks in the market.

In addition, their power supplies are made available for decades and will not be discontinued. As a result their customers can plan for the long term, without having to worry about obsolescence or design changes of power supplies. As PULS customers, you will decide when you want to upgrade to their latest technology.


Innovative Production Technologies

PULS builds the most advanced and efficient DIN rail power supplies in the world. In order to maintain the highest quality, they are constantly researching and testing new manufacturing technologies.

Robots help PULS to automate repetitive work processes, be more productive, save costs and invest their time in more demanding and productive tasks.

PULS's factory in Suzhou has implemented a new signal for the work-station on the production line. It helps to report incidents very quickly and gives the line leader accurate and real-time overview.

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