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Contactors and Reversing Contactors

Schneider Electric has a wide range of motor starters and motor protection instruments. From individual motor protection components including motor circuit breakers, thermal overload relays, over current relays and contactors to complete all in one modular solution combining all functions in a single product.

As the largest selling line of contactors in the world, TeSys range offers high reliability with long mechanical and electric life with the complete line of accessories for motor and load control. TeSys contactors are available for both IEC and NEMA applications and certified by major standards around the world.


Enclosed Motor Starters

What is an enclosed motor starter? Enclosed motor starters are electromechanical switches, comparable to relays. The primary difference between a relay and a starter is that a starter provides overload protection for the motor. With electrically-operated enclosed motor starters, contactors are used for switching the power-carrying conductors. When the coil in the contactor is energised, it produces the electromagnetic field and that pulls the switch contacts. When the coil is de-energised, contacts are pulled back to the normal position by a spring arrangement.

How to improve motor starter efficiency? Designing a more energy-efficient motor starter creates cost savings over the lifetime of the equipment. Industrial infrastructures consume more than 31% of the available energy in the world and electrical motors alone represent more than 60% of that energy consumption. The purchase price of a motor also only accounts for 2 to 3% of the overall costs, the remainder of the expense primarily being energy consumption.


Motor Soft Starters

Soft starters are used with AC electrical motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the power train and electric current surge of the motor during start-up. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft, as well as stresses on power cables and the electrical distribution network. Used in pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors, soft starters help to increase the overall service life of installations.

Soft starters can offer different integrated features such as protection devices for checking the monitor, and motor control up to 1200kW. They are incorporated into many industrial applications including industrial processes, machines and buildings.