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SMAC Product Ranges


Why buy SMAC products from BPX?

SMAC designs and manufactures advanced electric actuators. All SMAC actuators are quality products specifically designed and built for long service. Therefore, most actuators are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the original date of shipment from the factory.

SMAC also offers a Rebuild Program for actuators that are no longer covered by the SMAC 12 Month Product Guarantee.

BPX provides high levels of support for SMAC, and across a wide range of complementary products from other leading suppliers to ensure our customers have access to a full range of equipment from our stock.


SMAC Unique Features & Benefits

  • Fully programmable in Position, Acceleration, Velocity and Force
  • Sub-Micron resolution (5 µm to 100nm)
  • Low moving mass = high acceleration
  • Direct drive = no backlash, excellent repeatability
  • Force control = Soft-Land™ capability
  • > 250 million cycles MTBF = Long operation life
  • < 55dB = Officially 'Silent' in operation

A Sophisticated Product Range

SMAC now manufacturers a wide range of precision programmable electric actuators based designs are technically far ahead of old generation pneumatic and other electric actuators, including moving magnet linear motors.

SMAC's technological edge, combined with continuous cost-down/quality-up processes and its worldwide sales basis makes SMAC a leading mechatronics manufacturer in the world today.


Solutions For All

SMAC offer a wide range of products and solutions which cater to various uses and applications, their product overview is as follows:

  • Electric Cylinders
  • Linear & Linear Rotary Actuators
  • Linear Slide Actuators
  • Grippers & XY Stages
  • Controllers & Amplifiers
  • Multi-Axis Actuators
  • STACK Actuators

Popular Industries for SMAC

SMAC Smart
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