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Werma SignalSET Benefits


Why The SignalSET is the right choice

With WERMA‘s Queue Management set you can easily signal to people in front of the entrance whether access can currently be granted. This ensures that there are not too many people in the shop and that the safety distance can be maintained.

The WERMA Queue Management set consists of a Signal Tower with wireless transmitter, base, bracket for wall mounting and a power adaptor unit for a 230 V power supply.

If no power connection is possible outside the building, the Signal Tower can alternatively be equipped with a USB connection element which you can connect to a standard USB power bank.

The Queue Management wireless SignalSET is ideal for supermarkets, smaller retailers such as bakeries, butchers, or even petrol stations, pharmacies and hospitals. This is because the signal tower can be used outdoors and is rated IP65.


USB Powered Set (alternative) £370.88
Order Number: 64919102

This pack includes the following products:

  • Power can also be supplied via a standard USB power bank (recommendation 20,000 mAh for 20 hours of operation)

USB Powerbank available as an optional extra - Order no: TPL/PB2000 - £32.00


Contents (230 V version) £325.80
Order Number: 64919101

  • Wireless connected signal tower for outdoor use (green/red) incl. power supply unit (cable lenght 1.8m)
  • Indication board for explanation of the signal colors
  • Remote control for easy operation incl. power supply unit (cable lenght 1.8m)
  • Base with tube (250mm)
  • Mounting material
  • Cable extension set (cable length 5m)


Optional Items

This includes the following products:

Vocal element : (record your own audio file or message to be played back through the vocal element) - Order no: 64584055 - £186.09


Contact box : (With magnetic base) - Order no: 97584004 - £29.01


Foldaway Base : (Signal tower can be folded away) - Order no: 96000030 - £31.34


USB Power Bank : (20,000mAh) - Order no: TPL/PB2000 - £32.00


Additional Mount : (Allows cable to pass through without compromising the seal) - Order no: 96000014 - £12.72