Mitsubishi Ethernet Inverters - A New Age In Connectivity

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology. The FR-A800-E inverters provide machine builders and systems integrators with increased ability for remote system monitoring and parameter adjustment as well as easy integration into two parallel networks environments using 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity.

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Industry 4 compatible

Embedded Ethernet ports allows users to access protocols such as CC-Link IE, SLMP and Modbus etc.

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Reduced Cost

Standard Ethernet connectivity reduces the cost of connecting the variable speed drive to an Ethernet Network.

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Flexible Access

In addition to direct connection over ethernet, a PC can also be connected by the USB port on a Mitsubishi PLC.

Leading Drive Performance With Ethernet Connectivity: The FR-A800

Powerful features and intelligent functions

Real Sensor-less Vector Control - The Real Sensor-less Vector control provides high-precision, fast-response speed control in open loop- Combined with offline auto tuning, a maximum of 200% torque can be generated from 0.2 Hz to 400 Hz.

Perfect auto-tuning of PM and IM motors - Based on the new auto-tuning method, even permanent Magnet motors can be used with ease.

Absolute positioning & built-in PLC function - By using the built-in absolute positioning function and the built-in high level PLC function, a complete machine can be managed by a stand alone drive. Sensor-less positioning is possible with IPM motors

Excellent Control Performance and Response

Optimum Excitation Control - Optimum control of the excitation current maximizes motor efficiency for additional energy savings. As an example, an approximately 15% increase in efficiency is obtained at a motor load torque of 10% compared to conventional V/F control.

Improved System Safety - The FR-A800 series has a two channel emergency stop for safe shutdown. This ensures stop for operation in complience with the European Machinery Directive without installation of another contactor. The FR-A800 thus conforms to the EN ISO13849-1/PLd cat. 3 EN 61508 and EN 61800-5-2 SIL2 standards.

Comprehensive noise counter measures - The drive's built-in EMC filter ensures full compliance with European EMC Directive standards (EN 61800-3 2nd environment category C3), so separate certification is not required for the drive. The newly developed drive technology and power supply technology significantly reduce electromagnetic noise.

Featured Ranges

FR-F800 Ethernet Frequency Inverters Product Image

New FR-F800 Ethernet Frequency Inverters
Large stocks of inverters from 0.75kW to 630kW 

Specifically designed for pumping and fan applications. 

Downloads: FR-F800 Brochure

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FR-A800 Ethernet Frequency Inverters Product Image

New FR-A800 Ethernet Frequency Inverters
Inverters ranging from 0.75kW to 630kW

Designed for heavy duty applications including crushing and heavy lifting.

Downloads: FR-A800 Brochure

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