Mitsubishi MAPS 4 - HMI - SCADA - Life Cycle Management

MAPS is a 64-bit SCADA system designed for process control, manufacturing systems and open automation applications. MAPS 4.0 is developed on the .NET platform and is compatible with various Microsoft operating systems. MAPS 4.0 has a flexible, object-oriented, client server architecture that supports any system from a stand-alone implementation to an installation spanning multiple distributed sites.

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Life-Cycle Management

MAPS can significantly reduce lifecycle engineering efforts and costs, offering savings of up to 50%.

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Reduced Cost

Windows security ensures that only authorised persons are able to access the system by managing users.

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Reduced Costs

The MAPS library contains pre-assembled modules and templates for reducing engineering costs.

Reducing Your Engineering effort and cost

Life Cycle Management

As Life Cycle Management starts the day you decide to engineer a new part of your manufacturing process, it is paramount to maintain a solution with increasing returns. Designed to offer a fully integrated management solution, MAPS can significantly reduce lifecycle engineering effort and costs, offering savings of up to 50%.

The MAPS 4 Smart SCADA once again places MAPS at the forefront of the SCADA/HMI market. It reinforces the claim that MAPS is one of the most open, advanced and scalable SCADA platforms on the market. MAPS version 4 has been optimised for Microsoft Windows 8, which makes it more flexible, simpler, smarter and faster offering no limitations, even for the most advanced users.

MAPS SCADA Key Features

Web Enabled Interface- With MAPS 8.0, designing and operating can now be done remotely through the Internet enabled web interface.

One-click Wizard Updates- The Designer interface allows you to update all or selected instances of a wizard used within a project from the master wizard graphic object.

Easier Template Design- Users familiar with the use of Templates will be very pleased with this feature in MAPS.

Classic Project Upgrades- Your Classic UI mimics and trends can be upgraded to the new Smart UI system so your past investment is future proof.

Enhanced Project Security- Projects and graphic forms can be password­ protected to prevent unauthorised editing and viewing.

One Central System Configuration Control- Setup your server, devices, operator, designer and backup and restore settings in one central console.