Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers

An EcoStruxure Power connected product, Masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker takes the lead in power uptime and energy efficiency. Building on the legendary performance, reliability and safety of the Masterpact range, the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker is Future Ready.

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Installation Ready

Streamline installation with proven architectures, embedded Class 1 power metering and ethernet connection.

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Integration Ready

Integrate seamlessly with any building and energy management system through Schneider Smart Panels.

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Connectivity Ready

Stay connected through the app, for instant notifications, remote diagnostics and secure maintenance.

Masterpact MTZ incorporates the latest digital technologies

Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers incorporate innovative features, along with their legendary breaking principle and a modular, compact design. As well as delivering proven performance, safety, and reliability, Masterpact MTZ circuit-breaker incorporates the latest digital technologies and is destined to become a key component of the Schneider Electric Smart Panels.

Masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker is taking electrical distribution into the "Internet of Things" era. It incorporates communication functionality as well as Class 1 accuracy power/energy measurement to ensure smart operation. Masterpact MTZ connects your electrical switchboard to any building and energy management system. On top of that, you can now use your smart phone as the main HMI to monitor and control Masterpact MTZ, giving you maximum convenience and ease of management.

Downloads:  Masterpact MTZ Product Leaflet

The future is here. Be ready.

Stay ahead with the Masterpact MTZ app

  • Review status via smartphone.
  • Real-time alerts and self diagnostics.
  • Step by step guides to restore power.

Install seamlessly, configure quickly

  • Same breaking capacity, thermal properties as Masterpact NT/NW.
  • Seamless integration with embedded Ethernet connection.
  • Masterpact MTZ uses established architectures.

Simplify your switchboard design

  • Monitor and control remotely using any supervision system.
  • Simplify commissioning and maintenance with Ecoreach software.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Schneider Electric Smart Panels.

Proven reliability in harsh environments

  • Excellent mechanical performance.
  • Withstands the highest level of electromagnetic disturbances.
  • Designed for durability against extreme environments/temperatures

Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers come in three sizes

From 630 to 1600 A

From 800 to 4000 A

From 4000 to 6300 A